Data Backup & Internet Security

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The amount of data we are keeping on our computers is getting massive. Gig upon gig of documents, spreadsheets, movies, music and valuable photos, tens of thousands of e-mails you collect, the backup of the backup … and you cannot be bothered to delete a lot of this duplicated data …

And then, your hard-drive crashes, computer desktop or server and you lose everything. Because the truth is that many of us do not bother to back-up, but if you would like to start, here is everything you need to know.

If you want to store small amounts of data, Writable CDs and Memory Sticks are ok and reasonable priced, but if you have a large collection then you will need more space.

How about storing your data online? Use online space to backup your data off-site. – But be aware – this is only suitable for small amounts of data, as the backup speed is depending on your broadband internet connection. It is best to limit it to essential and smaller files.

A backup is an ‘insurance copy’. Some application programs automatically make backup copies of data files, maintaining both the current version and the preceding version on disk.

There also needs to be a backup policy in place to organize the backup schedule.

With having all that important and critical data on the server, security needs to be in focus so anti-virus software is a must to protect the server and the workstations.

With the appropriate monitoring and support in place the home office or business will gain in productivity due to a reliable system.