Internet Usage Policy


Internet access is provided to all employees and must be used responsibly. Internet access can be monitored and courtesy and regard for the company must always be the employee’s main priority.

Special attention must also be considered when using the following facility: Software Downloads, Web Scanning. However under no circumstances should anyone be accessing sites, which contain gambling, pornography, racist or sexist material, violent images, incitement to criminal behaviour or other offensive content.

Staff are also required to conduct the content of their personal Emails with respect and courtesy to the company as any complaints from these Emails will be directed at the company and not at the individual involved.

Never initiate Emails which contain obscene or pornographic material, constitutes an act of harassment on grounds of age, sex, race, disability, religion or belief. Never initiate Emails which disclose information, which are protected by embargo, copyright or in any way be considered confidential to the business or its customers, make a binding contract, subscribe to any mailing lists, respond to a chain letter which could

give warning to a new Email virus or make comments or statements which could be defamatory however innocent you consider them to be.

Failure to comply with the above rules and regulations will be viewed as a major disciplinary offence and the appropriate action will be taken.


In order to prevent the introduction of virus contamination into the software system the following must be strictly observed: – Unauthorised software including public domain software, magazine cover discs, personal floppy discs CD`s or Internet World Wide Web Downloads must not be used without prior permission or proper knowledge. All software must be virus checked using standard testing procedures before being used.

Deletion or alteration of any information / software is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. Third party applications are not permitted to be installed on networked workstations.


All written material, whether held on paper, electronically or magnetically, which was made or acquired by you during the course of your employment with

and its subsidiaries is our property and our copyright. At the time of termination of your employment with us, or at any other time upon demand, you shall return such material in your possession. You will also; as part of your employment contract, be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Michael Rentmeister, Mesh Technology Ltd

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