Warning over Anti Virus Software Scam

Criminals are tricking worried Internet users into buying anti-virus protection that is actually malicious software in diguise.

Investigators fear hacking gangs are pocketing millions of pounds by infiltrating customers’ computers and stealing sensitive banking details.

They said criminals pose as legitimate IT companies who cold call victims offering fake security software that can be downloaded for around £30.00.

The crooks then combine credit card information from the sale with stolen personal information to defraud the customer or commit further crimes.

Sharon Lemon, who is responsible for fighting cyber crime at the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (Soca), said: “In recent cases, we have seen gangs employing 300 to  400 people to run their operations and using call centre-scale set ups to target victims en masse. They can also be paying out as much as $150.000 a month (on a pay-per-download basis) to individual webmasters who are unwittingly advertising their fake software – this level of investment from criminals indicates that the returns are much heftier than this.”

The warning came at the start of an internet security awareness week organised by GetSafeOnline.org, which is supported by Government bodies, police and private companies.

Michael Rentmeister, Source: ITN News, 15/11/2010

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