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The face of computer support services and IT Support has had a radical change over the past few years and the need to have a IT consultant on immediate standby is no longer a pre-requisite for most small to medium businesses.

Many companies are now turning to solution providers and outsourcing their computer support requirements to specialist remote IT support companies and/or local computer consultants.

This tends to be a far more cost effective business model and keeps salary overheads lower as there is no need to keep expensive IT support staff on the payroll.

With many home users and business looking for affordable IT support services we are able to offer an extensive range of remote IT support services including remote desktop support, remote server support and also remote server backup amongst other things.

Remote IT support offers some very distinct advantages especially to business users who simply cannot afford costly downtime or to wait days for and IT support technician to be available.

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Remote support is available 24 hours a day throught the entire week and locally by arrangement.

Computer Support and IT Support

Computing hardware is far more reliable these days as well, so the need for computer maintenance and Pc help and support at a desktop level has greatly diminished and computer support services now tend to focus on server / desktop software support and configuration and Microsoft support as opposed to hardware.

Much of this support is provided remotely for businesses with the IT support company dialling in directly to the company servers(s) and or desktops to perform data back-up checks, server monitoring and software maintenance in the form of antivirus and windows updates for example.

Remote Computer Support

Whilst remote IT support has been available for businesses for some time, this cost effective method of looking after your Pc has now began to trickle down to the retail sector as well, where for a nominal monthly sum an IT company will maintain your Pc in tip top condition without ever needing to visit.

You can either subscribe to a monthly maintenance package for instant support throughout the year or if you prefer not to have even a small monthly outlay you can order a per incident support package 24 hours a day for only £23.99

The one thing that remote computer support cannot do for you however is to replace faulty components or carry out a computer upgrade, so in this instance one of our local IT consultants will be put in touch with you especially if you prefer to deal with your support engineer face to face.

IT Support Services

Typical IT support services include:

Network Security

Computer Support

IT Support

Computer Services

IT Solutions

IT Management

Wireless Network Maintenance

Microsoft Support

Software Support

Data Recovery

Local Computer Support Service Areas

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