Computer Upgrade – Upgrades for your PC

If you have had your computer for six months or more you may already be thinking about a computer upgrade but a common question is when should I upgrade my computer?

Depending on your budget when you first made your purchase you would generally have done one of two things: either you spent a lot on a new computer to make sure it lasted you for as long as possible, or you would have bought a computer based on budget pricing with a view to carry out a computer upgrade at a later date, in which case it may start to feel slow after a few months.

The other consideration of course is whether you are a casual user, a power user or an avid gaming enthusiast as these three categories tend to cover a majority of Pc users.

The most common computer upgrades tend to be computer memory, harddrive replacement or hard disk renewal and of course CPU upgrades (processor).

Also depending on the age of your Pc you may also consider a motherboard upgrade or replacement, but in reality this is a quite major computer upgrade and if your system is more than a couple of years old or based on the old Agp / Pci configuration then by the time you have replaced your graphics card and updated your power supply you may as well purchase a new computer anyway.

Computer Memory Upgrade

The principal reason for a memory upgrade is more than likely the fact that there was only just enough in it when you first purchased your system or you have started to use your computer more and have lots of background programs running.

Computer memory upgrades are not very expensive and can give your computer a real boost.

You can find out more information about how much of a computer memory upgrade you need and do a free memory advisor system scan on our computer memory upgrade page.

Hard Disk Replacement

A few years ago a 40 Gb hard drive was considered big enough for most peoples requirements, but only a little later computer users are literally running out of space as they download more and more onto their hard drives i.e. MP3 files, pictures and videos, and they are now looking at hard disk replacement.

The good thing here however is the advent of inexpensive external hard drives that plug into existing USB slots. These are more than ample for most people but if your Pc is a few years old your USB transfer speed may be quite slow so it may be better upgrade to add an additional hard drive.

You could also choose to replace your main hard disk but this is often unnecessary and causes more work as you would need to load up your entire system from scratch unless you use hardisk imaging software.

If you are keeping your existing main drive it is always advisable to run a hard disk defragmentation utility as a matter of course to avoid a slow hard drive.

Graphics Card Upgrades

In the main if your Pc is less than 3 years old or you bought a really low end budget Pc then a graphics card upgrade is more often than not unnecessary.

Apart from a graphics card failure the two principle reasons for an upgrade are either the fact that you have purchased a much bigger monitor and your old card does not support the resolution of your new monitor, and/or you are an avid gamer and you need to get the quickest frame per second rate or you need pixel shading to get the very best picture from the latest games.

A word to the wise here though ….Check First! If you are running an older AGP standard motherboard then you will either have to pay through the nose to get the latest generation AGP graphics card or upgrade your motherboard.

The other alternative is to perhaps find used computer parts where you can purchase a reasonably priced second hand graphics card until you either do a major computer upgrade or purchase a new PC.

Computer Upgrade – Upgrades for Your Pc

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