Fixing a slow Computer

If you have ever purchased a new computer, Pc, Laptop or workstation then you will probably have been through a very familiar loop that affects most computer users.

Your new system starts off really fast and in a relatively short time it starts to slow down eventually to be almost as slow as your last one.

Here at Computer Repair UK we understand your frustration so we have put this self help guide to help educate you in the common causes of computer slow down, how to rectify them and what to do on an ongoing basis to keep your Pc or laptop in tip-top conditions.

Lets face it,at the end of the day nobody like working on a slow computer.

Alternatively we offer very affordable 24 hour a day 7 days a week remote computer maintenance and servicing for home and business users who do not have the time to do their own computer maintenance.

Fixing a slow computer can be relatively easy once you know how, but in order to fix a slow computer you also need to know why it can be slow in the first place.

Why is my computer slow ?

If your computer is quite new and has very little data on the hard drive then it may be that the only issue causing you to have a slow computer is that you simply do not have enough memory.

Sadly it is common practice for some system vendors to specify systems to a price point and one of the easiest ways to save a few pounds is to give it a small amount of memory, but enough to give it basic functionality.

The customer gets home loads up a few programs (anti-virus for example) and bang …..All of a sudden the computer slows down to a crawl. If this is familiar to you check out our computer memory upgrade page.

Ongoing Computer Maintenance

Like any other machine, with a modern or older Pc, no matter how quick it was when you bought it there is a certain amount of computer maintainance you need to do on an ongoing basis. This ensures that you keep your Pc in tip-top condition and optimise your computer speed. This also help to prolong the life of your computer system.

How To Speed Up Your Computer

For more information read our Fixing a Slow Computer Guide, but if you prefer to leave the repairs to a local computer expert then you can either subscribe to our remote maintenance package or send us an email to

Fixing a Slow Computer

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