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Pc & Computer security doesn’t simply stop at anti virus software in this day and age, there are a whole host of other little creepies that we need to be keeping our eyes on as well. Amongst these other little horrors are spyware and adware.

Our system maintenance now needs to extend to include regular scans using Spyware removal software and Adware removal software as well so if you haven’t already, download anti spyware software as soon as possible and run a scan on your system.

Most computer threats are referred to under the generic term malware which is pretty much any program designed to be harmful to your computer system.

There is an ongoing debate about what is actually harmful but in the main this would include: Viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and pop-ups.

Even e-mail (in particular spam) now falls into this class as this is the preferred delivery method for many a Virus or Trojan and with computer identity theft becoming more prevelent daily it is becoming increasingly imperative to keep your system fully secure.

Spyware removal and virus removal is an essential part of our remote computer maintenance package which is only £9.99 per month, this includes (amongst other benefits) a full suite of security software (antivirus,spyware and rootkit) as well as 24/7 round the clock computer support.

This is available for home and business users and you can find more information here or you call.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a small piece of software that gets installed on your Pc or laptop sometimes with but more often than not without your permission.

The purpose of this software is to monitor your system but more accurately to monitor your computer usage. This even includes information gathering about your gender, age, frequently visited sites or by other criteria that can be used for a variety of purposes for example “targeted” advertising which is designed to be presented back to specific groups by analysing their historical buying or browsing habits.

Elsewhere spyware may even be possibly used to aid identity theft, as increasingly many victims do not discard personal information or have not used personal information on unknown or high risk sites.

It’s very understandable therefore especially with the current high profile of identity theft, that spyware removal software is becoming a must have on every computer be it for business or pleasure.

Quite often spyware is installed with file sharing software by user agreement as a pre-requisite for using the file sharing software. If you do use file sharing software you are probably at the highest risk of getting malware on your computer so make sure you invest in good antivisrus and spyware removal software.

What is Adware

Adware falls into two distinct camps – software supported by advertising and as always an eminantly more malicious variety.

Many software developers develop a variety of computer utilities and make them freely available on the internet.

To aid the development costs quite often these utilities are funded by advertisements and in many cases “Ad-Free” versions are also available for those users who find the utilities useful but would prefer not to have the ads.

Most people would consider this form of adware totally acceptable.

The other more malicious variety of adware is much more intrusive and typically monitors your browsing habits and subsequently delivers you targeted advertising. This type of adware is often considered as a type of spyware, especially if you have never given permission for the installation

Fortunately most spyware and adware can be easily identified and removed with decent spyware removal software which you can simply download, but don’t be too surprised if it finds hundreds of problems on the first scan as most computers will already be infected.

If you have a serious Spyware or Adware problem you can’t resolve yourself contact your local computer repairers by selecting your area from the links provided.

Spyware Removal – Pc & Computer Security – Malware & Adware

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