Wireless Computer Networking – Home & Office Network Installation

Wireless Computer Networking – Home & Office Network Installation – It was not to long ago that wireless networks were the reserve of major corporations with very deep pockets and network installation was left to highly paid computer networking specialists.

Fortunately today wireless networking is much quicker and much cheaper than it has ever been before, and wireless network installation is also far easier although not without challenges if you are not experienced.

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What Are The Benefits Of Wireless Networking

The benefits of wireless networking are obvious for the business and home user alike, installation is far easier as there is no need to install trunking or to have loose lay cabling lying around they are both tidier and in the most part cheaper to install.

For non business (or home business) users it is also much easier to install home Pc networks so it no longer matters where your computers are installed. And with the reduced cost of computers many families now own more than one and can easily install them in different rooms in the house.

In addition they will also be able to share resources .i.e. internet connections and printers for example.

Wireless Network Security

While Pc networking is much easier to set up and installation is far easier, there are a number of aspects regarding computer network security that need to be considered during network set ups.

You should ensure for example that you have your firewalls installed and configured correctly, and in addition you should look to set up some of the security protocols available to ensure that nobody can “borrow” your network connection.

In the worse cases it is possible for someone to actually access your network and information stored on your hard drive.

It also helps to ensure that your broadband connection is working efficiently which can be checked by doing a broadband speed check.

If you are at all unsure about configuring a wireless network then contact your local computer repair and network installation specialist, and remember they will also be able to provide you with computer network support as well.

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