Use Windows XP Programs with Windows 7

XP-Mode for Windows 7 as beta version available:

Microsoft has another Release Candidate version for the XP-Mode for Windows 7 available for download The Release Candidate consists of two parts. The Virtual PC 2007 (RC) and as well the Virtual Machine (VM), where Windows XP with SP3 is installed. Both parts have the download size of 470 MByte.

The installed XP Programs in XP-Mode are accessible from the start menu of Windows 7. The License of Windows XP is included with the Virtualisation.

To use the XP-Mode your Processor must use Intel-VT or AMD-V. Only Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate are supported. Microsoft points out that the XP-Mode is not designed for home users. It is designed for Business, which want to run older Applications within Windows 7. 3D Application are not working within VM, because VM is powered by a 2D engine.

Michael Rentmeister
Mesh Technology Ltd

Ref: c’t 2009, H18, p19

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