Windows 7 Screen Magnifier

Magnifier:  Magnify Monitor Display up to 1600 Percent

Win+NumPlus           zoom in
Win-NumMinus         zoom out
Win+Esc                  reset to default

Magnify your screen and zoom in on the Web

Do you find yourself fighting the urge to press your nose against the screen because you can’t see text and images clearly?

If so, it might be time to check out some of the features in Windows and Internet Explorer that can improve your view.







Magnify your screen
Windows has a built in Magnifier that lets you magnify your computer screen. Magnifier is a lot like built-in bifocals you can adjust. You see two screens, one the way you’ve customized it, and one that shows the larger font.

You can move your mouse pointer anywhere on the non-magnified part of the page, and then type your changes in the magnified section. This is especially helpful when you have your font set to a smaller size to see everything on one screen but need to have an enlarged view for specific areas.







About Magnifier in Windows 7
Magnifier in Windows 7 includes full-screen and lens modes. Full-screen mode lets you magnify your entire screen and follow your mouse pointer. In lens mode, the area around the mouse pointer is magnified. When you move the mouse pointer, the area of the screen that is magnified moves along with it.

Zoom in and see the Web more clearly
Internet Explorer Zoom lets you enlarge or reduce the view of a Web page. Unlike just changing the font size, Zoom enlarges or reduces everything on the page, including text and images. You can zoom from 10% to 1,000%.

1.Click the Start button, and then click Internet Explorer.

2.On the lower-right of the Internet Explorer screen, click the arrow next to the Change Zoom Level button .

3.To go to a predefined zoom level, click the percentage of enlargement or reduction you want.

4.To specify a custom level, click Custom. In the Percentage zoom box, type a zoom value, and then click OK.

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